It is the intention and desire of every successful candidate to join the Teacher Services Commission upon graduation. However, some study combinations have proved to be futile for graduates as they fill with water. The graduates are therefore disappointed, frustrated, and hopeless. TSC does not absorb these compounds immediately;

1) Kiswahili / History

Although there is a compulsory language in all high schools, the combination is still flooded which makes graduate teachers stay for five years without being employed by the TSC. Students going to university should avoid this combination as a disease for now.

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2) Mathematics / Business Studies.

Another combination that has been disappointing over the years is this. It is reported that 4 years is the minimum number of years you will live without full-time employment. In the meantime this combination should be avoided until further notice.

3) CRE / History.

Another factor that has disappointed teachers is Religion and History. Because of its versatile nature, it has always been one of the most sought after by employers.

4) CRE / Geography.

This combination contains only optional courses and is rarely advertised by the Teacher Services Commission. So it takes a very long time for a person to absorb TSC

5) Mathematics / Geography.

Mathematics status is broken / associated with various other subjects including Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Business Studies, Computer and Physical Education. Thus, Geography being the only human being associated with Mathematics makes it difficult to be employed by the TSC.

6) CRE / Kiswahili

This is another combination of degrading teachers by Religion and Swahili. Because of its versatile nature, it has always been one of the most sought after by employers.

Education Cabinet Secretary Professor Magoha released the 2020 KCSE results and its evidence that many schools have done well. We must therefore advise those who are going to run for office when choosing a combination of courses for those who will be pursuing Education as their course to make the right choice to avoid frustration.



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