The Teachers Service Commission (TSC)  announced its plan to recruit and promote over 10,000 teachers. TSC said it is recruiting 5,000 secondary school teachers and an additional 1,000 for primary schools.

Hired teachers will serve on permanent and pensionable terms of service.

TSC Commission Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nancy Macharia announced that the additional teachers will help the government achieve its policy on 100 per cent transition of pupils from primary to secondary schools.

An additional 2,987 teachers are also being hired to replace those who exited secondary school teaching service either through natural attrition or retirement. For primary schools, only 927 teachers will be hired to replace those who exited teaching services.

From the previous TSC employment case study, presumably, these are the groups that stand at a high chance of getting employed as per the 2021 TSC score sheet that was provided recently.

Interns To reap Big As TSC Awards Them 30 Marks In The Recruitment Exercise

Here is the subject combination and the year of graduation likely to be hired in the coming mass recruitment

  1. Mathematics/Chemistry – 2017 (With intern)
  2. Mathematics/Biology – 2017 (With intern)
  3. Mathematics/Business Studies – 2016 (With intern)
  4. Mathematics/Physics – 2017 (With intern)
  5. Mathematics/Geography – 2016 (With intern)
  6. Mathematics/Computer – 2019 (With intern)
  7. English/Literature – 2015 (With intern)
  8. Kiswahili/CRE – 2015 (With intern)
  9. Kiswahili/History – 2015 (With intern)
  10. Kiswahili/Geography – 2015 (With intern)
  11. French/Any – 2019 (with an intern)
  12. Chemistry/Biology – 2018 (with intern)
  13. Physics/Chemistry (with intern) 2020
  14. Biology/Agriculture- 2018 (with intern)
  15. Geography/CRE – 2015 (With intern)
  16. History/CRE (with an intern) 2015
  17. Geography/History (with intern) 2016
  18. Geography/Business studies- 2018 (with intern)

N/B This information may vary due to geographical factors. In major urban centres, the rate of unemployed teachers is higher compared to rural areas.

Occasionally, here applications surface with even 4 years of stay after qualification as a teacher compared to other normal areas.

Qualified teachers who have masters and those with first-class honours will stand high chances of securing TSC jobs.

Teachers teaching subjects combinations such as Physics/Chemistry, Biology/Agriculture and Chemistry/Biology are easily absorbed by TSC since they are few.


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