Students who are reported to have engaged in criminal activities will not be admitted once the schools reopen, the Principal Secretary in the State Department for Early Learning and Basic Education Julius Jwan has restated

The PS noted that this is just a fraction of some of the penalties to be meted out at those who have participated in the destruction of property in learning institutions.

“In any situation where learners burn a school, we treat them as criminals. Never do we allow anybody, it doesn’t matter how disgruntled you are, we don’t allow anybody to destroy property,” Jwan warned

He said this must be done in a bid to weed out bad characters from schools.

The PS disclosed that the ministry is currently in possession of records of all the students who have ‘masterminded’ arson attacks in secondary schools across the country.

Jwan said the destruction of property cannot be an appropriate way for students to express misgivings or dissatisfaction.

“If learners decide to burn a school, we identify them, they get punished, we mark them and that is something they carry throughout their lives,” He said

The PS he was speaking during an education day at Rapogi School in Migori where he was accompanied by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s wife – Ida, who cautioned students against drugs and substance abuse.

“In our traditional culture, alcohol was meant for old men, not at all for young people, and completely out for girls,” Ida said

“If you start abusing drugs, you start going down. Down there is the grave and you don’t want to go there. Drugs are a no-go zone.” she added

Ida noted that most of the unbecoming behaviors in students result from effects associated with drugs and alcohol abuse during holidays.
She called on parents to be keen and monitor the behaviors of their adolescent sons and daughters.

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