School unrest has been a big problem in most schools since the reopening of schools after a long Covid break. Instances of burning down schools by students have been reported across the country and has led to dismissal of students from school and even interfering with learning and school calendar. Today, a girl’s secondary school in Nandi County has sent home all students after burning down a dormitory.

As reported, the fire was allegedly started by five girls from Holy Rosary girls after sneaking into the dormitory during normal activities. The principal of the school, Monica Kirwa, reported that all students were preparing for extra curricular activities as per the school’s schedule when the incident happened. There are allegations that the suspects took advantage of the time because teachers and other students would not have noticed their absence.

According to reports, the dormitory, which housed approximately 85 students burned down completely and nothing was salvaged. Six students have been taken to custody after suspicions of carrying out the event. They were previously found with five liters of kerosene. The case has seen interruption of learning of approximately 500 students from the school just days after resumption of learning after a short midterm break.

This is not the first case of arson and interruption of studies by students for reasons still unknown. Just yesterday several schools sent home students after similar incidents. In other schools, students took advantage of the situation in the country to go home and boycott Mock exams. 

This cycle has threatened to begin again and may interrupt with the normal dates for national examinations. Many students are still at home as they await resumption of learning after repair of damaged property and this may take longer than expected.

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