It’s so sad that our students in schools are working so hard to destroy their futures instead of shaping them. For the past few months, there have been cases of indiscipline in schools and it’s alarming. They first started with fires and now they are either leaving school or destroying properties.

In Gatitu secondary, students were taken to police custody after they were found drunk. From the photos, you could tell that they took too much alcohol that they could not handle. They were either sleeping on the floor or puking their guts out.

This is so sad considering the fact that the parents did all the best to take care of them. The police vehicle came and took them to the station.

This was posted by mwingi and on the post they wrote, “Several students of Gatitu secondary school were locked up at Makuyu police station after drinking themselves to stupor.

Is it failed parenting or a failed schooling system?

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