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Student beaten to pulp for carrying knife from school

Irate members of the public disciplined a student believed to be from Rangala Boys Secondary School in Siaya County. The incident which attracted an angry crowd happened in Ugunja town where the boy was found in possession of a knife.

According to eye witnesses, the incident happened after the students at Rangala were sent home on Sunday following unrest at the institution. Fed up with recent unrest in schools, the agitated crowd said the victim was one of the notorious students fond of causing fracas at the institution.

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“We wanted to know why he was carrying such a weapon while he was coming from school, and why did he have such weapon in the first place,” asked Alex Kasewe a resident of Ugunja town.

Kasewe who later helped in calming the wild crowd said that the crowd descended on the student since he could not explain himself upon being asked about the knife.

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The school management sent students packing after they went on a ram page on Sunday after demanding to be released to go home for December holidays.

Rangala Board of Management, Chairman Stephen Onyango told the press that it was unfortunate the students wanted to cause more destruction to school property.

“They wanted to cause mayhem just for the sake of going for holidays,” he posed.

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He added that despite the principal promising to release them early, the rowdy students went ahead to break windows and destroyed the school CCTV camera. Investigations reveal that the picketing started with a few students who have so far been identified.

“So, we had to stem the tide before it spread,” said the chairman.



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