Former KNUT sec. General Sossion assures teachers on Bringing Down delocalization, TPD and CBC Should they Support Kenya kwanza governmentFormer KNUT secretary general,Hon. Wilson Sossion has said his Kenya Kwanza government which is being led by Deputy President William Ruto will end teacher delocalization.

Wilson Sossion assures teachers that delocalization will be stopped on the first three months into government.

The nominated Member of Parliament under the ODM party says there will be massive changes at the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) should William Ruto win the elections.

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He added that the government of William Ruto will end the infamous Teacher Professional Development (TPD) and reduce it to capacity building with training fee being paid by government.

In a statement he said “TPD, we shall reduce it to capacity building ile inalipwa na serikali you will never pay for it.”

Sossion further said that the Kenya Kwanza government will ensure promotion of teachers with academic qualifications is respected.

He further added that TPD, delocalization and promotion are the most contentious issues among the teachers employed by TSC.

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Sossion added that the Commission together with National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) members defending delocalization most teachers are opposed to the programme.

As per to TSC and NCIC delocalization has promoted national cohesion.

Most teachers are also opposed to the TPD programme that was launched last year because it will subject them to more expenses.

According to the universities Selected to offer these modules ,teachers are required to pay sh. 6,000 each year for the training which takes 30 years.

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It therefore translates that for the entire teaching career, each teacher will be required to take five modules within 30 years, translating to fees of about Sh180,000.The TSC employed teachers also want the Commission to promote them after acquiring higher academic papers.

Wilson Sossion further opposed the Competecny Based Curriculum (CBC), he has been sighted many times calling it a fraudulent curriculum and that he will stop it anytime he is given a chance and opportunity to bring it down.

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