The school calendar is set to reverse back to the old one that is Year 2023. With only 11 months remaining the system is on top note to ensure that the current calendar is followed.

It is this year that the government and the ministry of education will be forced to administer the national examinations twice.

In Feb 25th both primary and secondary schools will break for the long holiday of the year. The seven weeks break will be the longest as other terms will have a one week break between them.

The long holiday will be prolonged by the national examinations which will be done by primary and secondary schools.

The Feb 25th will be the end of the current academic year which opened for third term in January 4th 2022.

Parents and teachers are advised to prepare the students candidates accordingly, those in form four and class eight.


The Candidates will not break and will instead continue with the preparations for the national Examinations.

Contrary to the Calendar, Schools May be forced to close on Feb, 22nd to allow more time and examination privacy for the practicals in technical subjects.

Therefore, schools have been advised to organize the students well in order to cover the syllabus in time before they are caught up with time.

Schools have also been advised to administer the end of year examinations earlier in order to realize this closing dates.

The 2022 Kenya School Calendar

The school year in 2022 will begin on 25/04/2022 and ends on 25/11/2022.

Term 1 in 2022 will run for 10 weeks, from 25th April to 1st July. Students will then proceed to a short, 1-week holiday break from the 2nd of July to the 10th of July 2022

Term 2, 2022 will start on 11th July to 16th September, followed by a 3 day half term break from 11th August to 14th August. Schools will then school on 17th September 2022 for a week- long term 2 holiday break.


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