President Uhuru Kenyatta has said all learners will resume classes on January 4, 2021 even as teachers raised concern over COVID-19 safety protocols.

In his New Year address to the nation, the Head of State stated that in-person classes will be from inception class to tertiary learning institutions.

“I wish them all well and I want to assure them and their parents, as well as their guardians that my Government will do everything in its power to ensure their health and safety remains our foremost consideration,” he said.

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According to the President, children have missed the joy of the playground and the happiness they experience while learning together.

He averred that they have been trying hard to adopt to the restricted way of living; while many have been able to adapt, survive and some even thrive, some felt trapped and unfortunately buckled.

“We need to invest time in helping our children come out of this situation, and come out of it, stronger in character. It will take each father, each mother and each child, to truly listen to each other, and place the interest of the family front and centre. For as we do everything to make sure that the coronavirus disease doesn’t damage the bodies, we must now also do everything to ensure that it doesn’t ravage our souls,” he said.

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The President further lauded healthcare workers for their courage and sacrifice during the COVID-19 pandemic, but steered clear of commenting on the nurses strike that paralyzed hospitals across the country.

On the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), President Kenyatta maintained that 2021 will be the ‘Year of the First Amendment’.

He opined that the country is staring at a constitutional moment saying the proposed First Amendment to the Constitution is ‘is a bold path that seeks to lay the foundation for a more just, more inclusive, more equitable and more prosperous Kenya.’

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“It also seeks to make right our politics by eliminating “Winner Takes All” and replacing it with ‘We All Win’,” he said on Thursday evening.


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