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School Principals Who Will Close Schools Before 23rd To Face Disciplinary Action – Education PS Dr. Jwan

All schools across the country were expected to close on 23 December for a weeklong Christmas break.

However, it has emerged that some schools have defied the guidelines issued by MoE regarding closing dates.

After this ,it has emerged that many schools will drop their students to go home on different dates next week. Although it will reduce this period by one week even if it is very short. Despite the flurry of completing the syllabus in preparation for the national examinations early next year, this period was reduced to less than a half-term break.

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Most of the schools that have confirmed they will close next week are private. Several public secondary schools have also confirmed that they will release students from next week.

Although some schools confirmed they would be closed next week, PS of Education Julius Jwan issued a contradictory statement yesterday, saying all schools are expected to follow the dates given by the education ministry and close

Jwan said that the education ministry has not made any changes in the closing dates and if there were any changes, the ministry would have informed.

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However, many parents have complained about the closing date. Parents say that the 23rd is too close to Christmas day and it will be a boarding challenge for the students traveling far away. Parents say fares are expected to rise as it will be Christmas time when so many people travel to their holiday destinations.

As per a message sent to the parents of Bunyore Girls High School, The institution will be closed on 17th December. One school even confirmed to parents that the institution would be closed on Monday, December 20. However, confusion arises after ministry officials warned of closure of schools earlier.

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The Ministry of Education through PS Julius Jwan, said that the schools are expected to close on December 23rd as indicated in the school calendar.

School principals who will release students before the set date in the academic calendar will face the law and this may jeopardize their jobs



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