Teachers in primary schools who had higher Qualifications were selected to teach in juniour primary .

Though the debate is still on on about who will teach the young leaners ,now the commision has come up with a scale to pay the teachers .

Those who successfully join the proffessional in the juniour secondary will skill all the way to the bank as their salary wi be upgraded to a higher pay.

At the moment , TSC deploys only primary school teachers with a bachelor’s degree in education (secondary option) to teach in secondary schools. To be posted to teach in secondary schools a teacher must have obtained an average grade of at least C+ in KCSE in two teaching subjects.

Those who will be posted to handle the learners in Junior Secondary Schools, the job will start from grade C2, with basic pay scale minimum 34,955 and maximum 43,694 per month. They will automatically be transferred to Job Grade C3 on completion of the prescribed three years in the CPG.

They will also get a commuter allowance of Rs 5,000, house allowance of Rs 7,500 and an annual leave allowance of Rs 6,000 for those who do not reside in any municipality. Teachers in difficult areas will get hardship allowance of Rs 10,900

In job grade C3, they will earn a minimum salary of Rs 43,154 and a maximum of Rs 53,943 per month.

Through the CPG Career Progression Guidelines the teachers with a higher Qualifications will teach the lower secondary .

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