The deputy president and United Democratic Alliance party leader William Ruto has been having a series of meetings with Mt Kenya leaders this year. In these meetings, he has said that it is time that the country acknowledges both the ethnic political model and trickle-down economics continue to impede the country’s full political, economic, and social development potential.

During these meetings, the deputy president adumbrated that the partnership that was created in 2012/2013 was premised on two fundamental principles Viz:

1) To transition our country from the shackles of ethnic mobilization that bred division and hate to a new political paradigm centered on national, all-inclusive consensus with an all-encompassing development agenda,


2) To make political competition issue-based with tangible and measurable development outcomes.


The deputy president said that as they focus on the future, it is necessary to appreciate and evaluate many successes, challenges, and shortcomings and plan the future accordingly.

Underscoring his statements, the DP added that it is from the experience of the past nine years and building on the foundation that has been laid, it is necessary to progress in to fundamental ways, which is having a

conversation about ordinary Kenyans, the Hustlers – the traders, boda boda, mama mboga, farmers, pastoralists, wheelbarrow, taxi-drivers, and mkokoteni owners among others – a new conversation that is not about leaders, their positions, their ambitions, and their private and personal interests.

He said time was ripe to engineer a fundamental paradigm shift from the perennial politics of personalities, positions, and power to a candid, open, and frank engagement with the people on the economy, their aspirations and their future. Over the years, political positions have been created, power has been shared this way and that way, leaders’ interests have been catered for but this has not improved the lot of the overwhelming majority of Kenyans.


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