The country is heading to yet another much hyped general election. William Ruto and Raila Odinga have emerged as the strongest contenders for the presidential seat. William Ruto is outshining everyone in the number of rallies he is holding around the country. In a span of less that two months he has attended more than 133 political meetings.

Ruto’s energy and ambitions is unmatched in the country’s political scenery. He has marshalled local leaders to spread his political manifestos. This has raised many questions on his main motive and hidden agenda. According to top political analysts, Ruto has lost the support of the government. He has little to no influence in the current regime. The handshake partners have secluded him completely.

The deputy president knows what it entails having no government machinery on your side. He has to move across the country to ensure he wins with a supermajority. This will ensure that even if elections are rigged he will still emerge victorious. In the event he loses to Raila Odinga he will still have control having many members of parliament in his party.

Raila Odinga who is Ruto’s main political rival has the support of several governors across the country. In Mount Kenya region seven out of ten are in his political camp. This move will prove hard for Ruto to beat. This is because these leaders command a large number of votes in their regions.

If you look keenly on the people who mobilize and attend the rallies of William Ruto are likely to be MCAs and members of Parliament. These crop of leaders is known to change sides in line with their self interests.

The best advice that Ruto can be given by his political experts right now is that he should change his approach. Failure to which he may being for a rude shock in 2022 general elections.

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