Deputy President William Ruto, received a harsh welcome in Kondele, where he was supposed to hold a strategic meeting with the youth of the region. In the meeting, he was supposed to share with the public his plans for Kondele and Kisumu as a whole. However, the meeting was halted one hour before it even started as chaos ensued, with the Kondele youth vowing that they would not let William Ruto have a successful meeting in the area.Image of Kondele Chaos

Ruto arrived in Kondele only to be kicked out with hails of stones from an angry mob, which shattered his political plans for the day. However, amidst all the chaos, Ruto managed to utter a few words that are noteworthy.

Ruto had armed himself with a pack of goodies for bodaboda riders and Mama Mboga, totalling to Ksh 5 Million. Ruto also mentioned that he officially quit Jubilee, a move that has been expected for long, since his relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta fell apart. The DP urged the public that he had come in peace and that he condemned the grassroot leaders for organising chaos, so as to politically humiliate the DP.Kondele

Ruto futher mentioned that in the coming general election, he will accept defeat, if the process is free and fair, and that he believes that Kenyans have the ability of making the right political choice.

The police managed to disperse the rowdy crowd that was attacking the DP. The DP resorted to changing his tour to Migori county, where he expects to hold a peaceful meeting with the residents of the county.

Several political analyst have condemned the act by Kondele residents, saying that Raila did not receive the same treatment while he was in Ruto’s footstool. Kalenjin men have been described as more civilized than their Luo counterparts in Kondele.

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