Over the recent past, there has been complaints across the country since the rollout of the Competence Based Curriculum. Both parents and teachers have been complaining about the effectiveness of the program stating that it is one of the biggest failures of Jubilee government. There has also been a massive contribution from politicians and lawmakers stating that the program is not constitutional and therefore needs to be scraped from the education system.

Lawyers have been taking the matter to the court but it has seemed like the state has been taking control of the matter as the petition has proven to be futile. Previously, the president for the Law Society of Kenya Nelson Havi had stated that the high court had already agreed to the petition and it would be heard soon and there is positivity that they would win against the state.

The rollout of the program has adversely affected the implementation of free primary and secondary education which were the main concerns of jubilee government and other politicians. It is during the rule of former president Mwai Kibaki that free education was rolled out and there has been an increase in the number of educated Kenyans since then. However, with implementation of CBC, education has become more expensive owing to the requirements the new curriculum has been giving.

Parents have been complaining that their children have been demanding many things from school that are required when learning through the new curriculum and therefore made it more expensive compared to the previous education system. Previously, the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, during his campaigns, stated that he will rollout free education from nursery to university when elected president. This has become a lie as the implementation of CBC has proven to be expensive even when the government caters for school fees.

Yesterday, presidential aspirant Jimmy Wanjigi stated that any changes in the education system should have been through a referendum for it to be adopted. He referred to the failure of CBC because of lack of public participation. He therefore advocated that the bill on amending any section of education should be entrenched in the constitution to prevent these occurrences in future.


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