Public service means collectivity of all individuals, performing a function under a state organ

Its origin

The commission is dated back to 1954 when civil service commission was established by the colonial government in the Holmes commission report, 1948.It was advisory to the Governor in matters of appointment.In 1963 it was enshrined in the constitution and renamed public service commission but abolished in 1964 due to constitutional  amendments.It is the oldest in the constitution and its mandate has continued to expand over years.It has since then handled human resource management matters in the public service mainly civil services and local authorities.The new constitution on the 27th August 2010 reconstituted the commission with redefined mandates and lean membership.

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Functions and powers of the commision

They are laid out in the article 234 of the constitution.They include:

1.subject to the constitution legislation

-Establish and abolish offices in the public service

-Appoint persons to hold or act in those offices

2.Exercise disciplinary duties by removing persons holding the offices

3.Investigate, monitor and evaluate organisations, administration and personnel practices of the public service

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4.Ensure the public service is efficient and effective

5.Review and make recommendations to the national government with respect to the code of conduct and qualifications of public service officers

6.Develop human resource into the public service.

7.Report to the president to the extent to which rules of the article 10 and 232 are complied with

8.Recommend persons to be appointed as a principle secretary (article 155 3a)

9.Nominate a person to the judiciary service commission and the salaries renumeration commission

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10.Hear and determine appeals in respect to county government public service.

11.Protect public officers against victimization and discrimination in their discharge of duties.

12.Recruit and select vice chancellors, deputy vice chancellors of public universities, principals and deputy principals of constituent colleges

13.Perform any other function and exercise any other powers confered by the parliament.


Chairperson-Mr Stephen.K.Kirogo

Vice chairperson-Ms.Charity Seleina

Commissioner-Dr.Joyce K.Nyabuti

Commissioner-Dr.Mary C.Mwiandi

Commissioner-Dr.Reuben K.Chirchir

Commissioner-Ambassador Patrick S.Wamoto

Commissioner-Ambassador Salma.A.Ahmed

Commissioner-Mr Andrew N.Muriuki

Commissioner-Ms.Joan A.Otieno


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