Promotions and transfer of teachers will now be conducted online after the  Teachers Service Commission revealed it will move to provide most of its services via its online platform.

A circular from TSC chief executive Nancy Macharia to but not limited to primary and secondary school heads, noted that there will be no manual applications for recruitment and promotion of teachers effective March 1.

The circular is dated February 15.

“The exercise of activating the emails takes effect from Feb. 15 and will close on April 30. Upon the expiry of the registration window, all emails outside the e-platform shall not be acted upon,” the circular reads.

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The platform targets all teachers employed by the Commission and those undergoing internship programmes.

Teachers seeking transfers will now file their applications online as opposed to the manual application process.

Other services that have been fully made available online are applications for promotions and new teacher registration.

These latest developments come at a time when TSC has completed digitizing teachers’ documents.

Consequently, applications for transfer shall be accessed through the Commission’s website at

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Further, the Commission has introduced an e-platform for official emails, virtual meetings and remote learning.

The new development will see transmission of official letters, Circulars, Pay-slips and responses to teachers’ inquiries among others done online.

It will also offer short courses to teachers at zero cost.

The circular directs all school heads and teachers including those on internship to activate their email accounts provided on the platform and use it for all communications to the Commission.

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The official email will take the format of the teacher’s name, the last two digits of the TSC number

In addition to an official personal account, heads of institutions are to open a separate head-of-institution email.

This address will be available to subsequent heads of institutions for continuity.

Heads of institutions shall update the teachers official email address and registered personal mobile phone number in the Teacher Management Information System (TMIS) within 30 days after all teachers in the institution have activated their emails.


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