Home Education Popular Boys High School Burnt to Ashes Hours After Reporting

Popular Boys High School Burnt to Ashes Hours After Reporting

Schools were razed by fires before the close or the second term break that happened in December of 2021 which left some students injured and millions of shillings worth of property destroyed.

The causes of these fires has never been established as at the time, the Ministry of Education thought that bringing caning back to school would prove to be the deciding factor in ending the chaos.

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However, this evening,there has been  fire outbreak at Bokoli Boys High School in Bungoma just hours after opening for term 3.

KCSE exams commence in early March. Prof George Magoha needs to go back to the drawing board with all stakeholders. Something’s not right somewhere.

The school has been destroyed in a fire that broke out at one of the dormitories in the school with reports indicating that students might have been behind the fire.

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It’s still unclear if there are any injuries in the fire that has happened at the boys school as of now according to the information we have.

This is one of the top leading boys high schools in the county and the country as well so this is why this fire comes as a shock

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