Am Relocating to US It was on a Monday afternoon when I had just traveled back home from Nairobi City where I had pitched camp for close to five years struggling to find a job.

By the way, I am an accomplished Graphic Designer who did my course at the Jomo ‘Kenyatta University’. I used to live at Kahawa Wendani area at Kahawa Sukari in Kiambu County while doing my studies at KU which took me four and half years.

After my graduation I remained in Nairobi City to search for a job and I made several applications to various companies with hopes of getting a well paying job but luck was not on my side despite my qualifications in Graphic Design. I have Degree and I am a good designer anyway.

After five years of struggle in the city, my mum just called me back home at least to plan afresh for my life because time was running very fast. So last months I travel home and my parents both who are still alive welcomed me and told me to relax at home.

I remember my mother telling me that life sometime is not all a bed of roses and some things happen for a reason. So I should not get into unnecessary depression chasing money or employment.

Sometimes going back to the drawing board is necessary and could make the best time to reevaluate yourself. It’s a nice strategy. “Don’t push hard your life. You can break for nothing. Some things are good when you just wait for your time,” she told me and next day she took me to a renowned Spell Caster.

I didn’t know where she was taking me until when we arrived. She introduced me to Dr. Ngoso who is a traditional healer who helped the current vocal president in one of the Africa’s country’s win last year’s election through the power of Spells. Ngoso then cast wealth spells into me and released us back home.

After just three days, believe it or not, I received a powerful phone call that I had won a Green Card and, as we speak today, I am planning to relocate to USA where I and my beautiful wife Ruth will enjoy a good job, residence and life. All these due to Ngoso Doctors.

To also reach him Call: +254718756944, E-mail: or visit the website:

All those who have visited the doctor or called him on his line have found a lasting solution which has made them either rich, working with stable organization or married with their rightful life choices. Why don’t you also try Ngoso today and thank me later?

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