The government approves new textbooks for high schools and Teachers Training Colleges (TTCs).The books will be in use from May 2022 when current Form 2 students join Form 3 .KCSE set documents are changed every four years.

The book exchange process is directed to a strong panel, which includes officials from the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) and officials from the Department of Education (MoE).

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Teachers, lecturers at TTCs and universities written in English and Swahili are also used in the assessment process.

The KICD examines the literature to determine its suitability for the purposes of the second curriculum and the TTC.

During this time, the KICD received a total of 142 books from 39 publishers following the March 2021 submission horn. These contain 90 sets of Kiswahili sets and 52 English editions.

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Currently, 10 books are listed under this section.

︎ _ A Grain of Wheat_ by Ngugi wa Thiong’o, _Perched Earth_ by Elieshi Lemo, _The Successor_ by Francis Imbuga, _The Floods_ by John Ruganda and _Julius Caesar_ by William Shakespeare – are among the books reviewed and published.

︎ Others edited by Chinua Achebe, _Dilemma of a Ghost, _ by Ama Ata Aidoo, _Maru_ by Bessie Head, _Time and River_ by Zee Edzell and Silas Marner_ by George Eliot.

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• Current Form 2 students should be prepared to stay on the new texts set by May 2022.

• If books such as William Shakespeare’s _Jusus Caesar_ become standard KCSE texts, students and teachers should be prepared for English.


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