Many people in Kenya believe that education is the key to success and thus a parent or guardian will try every option possible to motivate their children to take their studies seriously, school children also endeavour to excel in their studies since there are many benefits that come as a result of performing well.

Despite the fact that the outbreak of Covid -19 disease in Kenya last year brought a negative impact on the education sector as a result schools closure for ten months, relief came this year on January when all schools reopened fully to continue learning.

The ministry of education provided a new school calender with learning dates, halfterm and holliday dates and national examination dates to guide in dispensation of knowledge to learners upto 2023 when the normal school calendar will be achieved.

Primary and secondary schools are currently spending their time at home for December holliday after finishing 2021 second term academic syllabus and they will be resuming on January for third term thus i present you full 2022 school calendar as provided by ministry of education;


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