There some occurrences require immediate intervention from specialists. These emergencies should addressed immediately when they occur. That’s is why its prudent to have the contacts of the specialists in order to receive assistance.
At the same time having the  contacts for these specialists means that one won’t be stranded when in such situations.
There are several of these contacts in Kenya that everyone should keep in case of emergencies.

In developed countries, residents have emergency hotlines and helplines that they dial when in serious, unexpected, and dangerous situations which require immediate action.
In developing worlds however, this is not fully implemented and most times people find themselves stranded when faced with such situations. What they fail to know is that these lines exist they are open for calls when need arises.

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You should bear in mind you don’t plan for the emergencies. They usually  happen anytime, its important for kenyans to start having a list of the most important emergency numbers for critical emergencies that require immediate intervention such as fire, accident, riots ,linkages etc.

The list of of the most important emergency numbers everyone should have on their phone contact lists include:

  • COVID-19 Emergency number: 719
  • Kenya Police: 112,999 or 911
  • Fire brigade Nairobi: 020 344599/2222181
  • Kenya power and lighting Company (KPLC) : 97771
  • Child Abuse report : 116
  • Victims of Gender based violence : 1195
  • Victims and those affected by HIV/AID : 1190
  • St.Johns Ambulance: 020 221 0000
  • Amref Flying Doctors Ambulance: 315454/5
  • KWS: 0800597000
  • Kenya Maritime Authority: 110
  • Kenya pipeline : 020 2606500-4
  • Kenya Port Authority: 041 2112999
  • UNHCR Nairobi: 020 423 2000
  • Safaricom MPESA: 234
  • Airtel: 0733100100
  • Telkom : 0800 200 000
  • Nacada : 1192
  • EAAC : 020 271 7468
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While most of these emergency centres contacts are based in Nairobi, calling them for help will definitely lead you to their correspondents who are near you.

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