Many Kenyan students are disregarding some of the degree offered in the universities. As previously indicated in a related article “Marketable degrees in Kenya” some degree may have a lower unemployment rate, but that does not mean that they  are less important.

Below is a list of degrees no one wants to pursue in Kenya.

1. Anthropology and Archeology

Anthropology and Archeology majorly dwells on historical study of man together with the culture. Many organisations are business oriented and therefore they have high demand for graduate with experience of handling the present challenges in business world. This has made students totally ignore the degrees

2.Performance arts, Theatre and Fine arts.

Although many Kenyans employers would rarely employ a candidate with a degree in Performance and fine Art, it does not mean that the degree is irrelevant. The film industry is coming up and soon many people will be absorbed into the industry

3. Humanities-pure geography, history

Many people who pursue a Bachelor of Arts (Geography or History) have a difficult of finding employment. As a result students are nowadays preferring to study Bachelor of Education (Arts) with a major in Geography or History.

4. Philosophy

Philosophy is an interesting subject as it broadens one thinking capacity, however many students are unwilling to take philosophy as an area of their specialization.
Education is important, but where one doesn’t enjoy at all the course they are studying, it becomes a big nightmare. If ones interest is to pursue a degree that is rarely chosen by others then one should not fear to pursue their dream.

5. Hospitality degrees

This is touching anything to do with catering, hotel management and such. This degree is also less marketable according to a data released by the joint admission board (now  Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service) considering it to be less in demand in the labor market.

With titles such as Tourism and Travel studies it is an assumption by some people that for you to undertake this course, you must have “connections” somewhere.

Graduates who have completed this course either end up working in banks or in other unrelated positions which only requires them to get a degree.

6. Ciriminal justice

With the rising state of insecurity in the country, one would think that pursuing this degree would be great advantage.

Sadly security chiefs in the country  will not need your services because this degree is also considered to be less desirable by those who pursued it

7. Political science

A good number of individuals who have pursued this course have not had the chance to practice their “political views” skills.

The reason is that there are few “Mutahi Ngunyi “vacancies available in the country so they end up settling for other jobs that they did not train for.

8.Mass media

For those who have undertaken the Media course, the sad reality is that your job will be done by some comedian or by someone who did pursue a business course.

Majority of those who pursue media courses do not end up on screen or in the newspapers.

9.Chemical engineering

Now this may sound a little odd because an Engineering course is described as one of the most marketable and complex courses.

Some courses are very marketable and their jobs may be available in developed countries like Russia or America but not needed in Kenya.

10. Bachelor of Theology and Biblical studies

Some famous politician in the country took less than year to complete a degree in Theology. So it’s that easy right? And besides the likes of Kanyari are giving the course a run for its money meaning anyone can just wake up and decide to become a pastor.

Some claim it is a calling from God and with that who needs Theology classes?

11. Psychology and Counseling

Though it a powerful career as it involves impacting people’s lives, most of graduates who pursued it are not so lucky in finding jobs.

12.Sport Science

Individuals who have done this course do not find it to be marketable as many would think.

Though some of them engage in sports profession as gym instructors and personal trainers, the middle class economy would struggle to afford this kind of lifestyle so less jobs for them.

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