Teachers are now more confused after TSC confirmed that there are plans aimed at increasing salaries for B5 P1 teachers who are the lowest earner in the TSC ladder technically referred to us T-Scale.

TSC says it is to effect to affect a pay rise for all P1 at grade B5 teachers, according to Dr. Nancy Macharia, amounting to 6000 shillings per month to enable them to navigate through the tough economic times given the immeasurable demands of life.

Nancy says the teachers will get a pay rise of 6000 shillings backdated to July 2021,to appease them since they seem a burden to the pressure of life.

SRC chairperson, Lyn Mengich has now affirmed that the commission was investigating the entries made by TSC in regards to the educator proportions on their pay rate.

According to sources, the orders from SRC are critical to controlling them on issues with respect and instructors’ compensation.

TSC changed the grading system for primary and secondary school teachers immediately after the signing of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) 2017 to 2021 between it and the teachers’ unions.

TSC adopted the Career Progression Guidelines (CPG)as a way for grading and promoting teachers to various cadres. The current TSC upgrading of teachers led to the scrapping off of some job groups and merging of others.

Under the new system of grading tutors, the grade that was previously known as P1, which was under Job Group G, was scrapped off and replaced with Grade B5. This grade was designated as the new entry grade for all tutors at the primary school level

After the Salaries and Remuneration Commission undertook the job evaluation exercise, a new grading system was introduced.The grading offered new job groups for teachers, and below are the designation codes for each category




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