The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) on Tuesday, May 4, filed four demands to the ministry of Education ahead of the reopening of schools on Monday, May 10.

KUPPET SECRETARY-GENERAL Akelo Misori has called on the ministry to re-publish deadlines set by parents and school principals to avoid confusion.

He also asked the ministry  to address the uncertainty regarding the resumption of learning activities in all grades.

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Misori also raised the issue of capitation funds which said the government was late in issuing the capitation fund.

“Most importantly, the department must address the financial crisis as soon as possible before it reopens. As we speak, it is far behind in terms of expenditure.

“Jobs in many schools remain stagnant as principals and principals are failing to meet their school responsibilities,” Misori said.

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Finally, the union called on the ministry to address the shortage of teachers in primary and secondary schools.

Misori added that the transfer policy of 100 students ‘high schools, KCPE students’ high schools and new classrooms had identified a shortage of 97,000 teachers.

“It will be very important for the government to ensure that in order for learning to be successful in our schools, we are addressing the shortage of teachers.

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“Worse, about 25,000 teachers are likely to retire on Wednesday, June 30,” he said.

The news comes as teachers marking KCSE exams at Moi Girls and State House Girls in Nairobi took to the streets to protest for unpaid grants.

Teachers have criticized their situation, saying they have turned to the streets after the government failed to address the issue.


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