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KUCCPS set to release 2021/2022 results on this date,How to check KUCCPS 2021/2022 placement

Finally the 2020 candidates will now get to know their universities of choice after the  Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) has announced the date when the 2021/2022 placement results will be released.

According to the latest report from this body,  the 2021/2022 placement results will be released by 15th August, 2021.

In that report Kuccps has revealed  that the  result will be processed for the next few weeks after the conclusion of the revision of choices on July 23, 2021 for those who applied for placement to local universities and colleges.

How to Check KUCCPS Course Placement 2021

Usually, at the end of the first course and institution revision exercise, KUCCPS will display the institution you have been placed right on their students portal.

Through SMS

This involves the placement body sending message directly to the phone number of an applicant. Remember that during application for placement of courses, one is required to add mobile phone number in personal information.

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Through Online

Follow the steps below to know if you have been placed by the KUCCPS placement service:

Step 1: Log into KUCCPS students portal

You will require the following details to login  successfully into the portal:

  1. KCSE Index Number: Full KCSE index number, usually 11 digits long
  2. KCSE Year: Year you sat for KCSE, eg 2020
  3. Password: Your birth certificate number or full KCPE index number.
  • Press Enter or Login after keying in your correct details

Step 2: Check Course and  Institution Placed

Immediately after being logged in, you will see a message congratulation message indicating the course and the institution you have been successfully placed in

If you don’t see the message, after the first revision, you have a chance to revise your course choices again during the second revision.

The second revision normally coincides with the release of the first revision data.

Bear in mind that you do the second revision only if you have not been placed in any course.

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What happens if you do not do course revision?

The placement service will check if you qualify for any of the choices you registered for towards the end of high school.

Priority is given to the first 3 choices (1a, 1b, 1c), and capacity declared by institutions per given course.

The Placement service may place you in any of the other remaining choices (2, 3, 4) depending on the popularity of the course in a given institution and cluster points

If all the above cases fail, you may end up being placed in any other course that you qualify even if you never applied for it.

Step 3: Check and Download Admission Letters

After successfully being placed in your desired course and campus, the next remaining thing is to get access to the admission letter for your campus.

In this case, visit the website of the university or college you have been placed in and look for a link to download your admission letter.

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You will have to log in to their portal by following the instructions given on their home page.

Change of Course and or Institution

At the end of the second revision exercise, KUCCPS normally opens their portal again to allow the placed students to transfer or change institutions or courses.

This applies to students who are satisfied with institutions and courses placed in.

You do not have to transfer your course or university if satisfied with your choices.

You will have to check the KUCCPs website from time to time so that this chance does not pass you

Have a look at How to Apply for Inter-University Transfer for steps on how to change a university and course.

KUCCPS Contacts

In case of any queries you can contact KUCCPS placement service on the following channels:

E-mail: info@kuccps.ac.ke

Telephone: 020 5137400

Mobile: 0723 954 927, 0734 879 662

KUCCPS Twitter Handle: @KUCCPS_Official



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