For one to succeed in applying for helb loan, there some few steps which are necessary and must be followed. We are going to take through those steps on how to access the HELB STUDENT PORTAL online. Below are the steps on how to create an account,how to apply for helb loan, how to check for helb loan disbursement, common mistakes committed  and finally  tips for you to be successful in applying.

To start with we need to know what is HELB? simply because we could be talking of this helb and maybe there some people who don’t understand what it is

What is HELB?

Helb is an abbreviation which stands for  the Higher Education Loans Board. It is  the leading financier of higher education in Kenya. It is a State Corporation that was established by an Act of Parliament (Cap 213A) in 1995.

The board is mandated to disburse loans,bursaries and scholarship to students pursuing higher education from recognized institutions again the same board provides  affordable  loans bursaries and scholarship.

How do you create an account?

For one to be able to access the service from helb, first you need to create an account. The following are the steps followed for one to get registered on the portal.

  • Visit the helb portal website
  • Fill in the form provided under applicants account creation
  • Click the sign-up button

Once done you will receive a notification  congratulations, you’ve created an account on the HELB portal, please check your email address to activate your account

  • Login to your email address and click on HELB Portal Activation link
  • Once back at the HELB Portal, log in with the credentials provided earlier.
  • Update your Personal and Residence details, and Click Save Button
  • You can now choose the appropriate loan product to apply under the Loans Tab
  • Download and print two copies of your filled loan application form
  • Ensure those two forms are signed and stamped by the relevant authorities and guarantors (for first-time applicants only and by your dean at the University for subsequent applicants)
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You need to be true to yourself  and provide accurate information in the subsequent fields .

How to apply for a HELB Loan 

For you to apply for helb loan there some requirements which you need to have in order apply.

The following items which  are required before applying for HELB loan:

  1. A copy of your National Identification card : you need to have an ID No. Which will be used while creating an account  again it through this Id no. That helb is going to identify you .
  2. A valid bank account : you will have to open a personal  bank account so that if you qualify for a loan awards you will be credited before the beginning of each semester. You can open accounts with the following banks ; National bank of kenya , Kenya commercial bank,cooperative bank of kenya and Equity bank.
  3. KRA pin from Kenya Revenue Authority : this is an important element in the application process because this pin will enable the board to track its loanee’s
  4. Your Parent (s)/ guardian particulars: This includes name, a copy of their National ID, marital status, the level of education, a source of income, employee details, current pay slip, and employee No. (If employed).
  5. Your Parents Death certificate: If either of the parent died you can attach  that certificate in support
  6. A copy of a letter of admission to the university/college
  7. Copies of the National ID of the two gurantors
  8. Three recent colored passport photo size 
  9. KCSE and KCPE result slip 
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How to Check for HELB Loan Disbursement.

There two ways in which you can check your loan status ie

Option 1

  • Visit HELB website Click on loan status
  • You will be directed to your HELB portal (You must have registered with HELB portal)
  • Click on Loan Reports
  • Go to the drop-down menu indicating disbursement and statement
  • Click on disbursement and a form will appear.
  • That form indicates your loan disbursement status.Second Option

You can also check your loan disbursement by simply checking the bank account that you used during registration

National Bank Students can also use their HELB smart cards to check their loan status. The smart card is divided into three parts; tuition, upkeep, and general use. You cannot withdraw money that is available in the tuition part.

HELB loan application mistakes

During the application process you can make mistakes which are usually bound to happen but you can chose to avoid them when it comes to matters relating to your life and career

There are some mistakes that could get your HELB loan application canceled, defective or even rejected.

Below are some of the mistakes that could prevent you from getting HELB loan. Note that, these are errors that most students commit while filling their HELB loan forms.

Late Delivery

All HELB loan application should be done within the stipulated time frame. HELB usually extends its loan application deadline but remember late delivery forms are not accepted

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Missing Signatures and stamps

The required signatures and stamping indicated in the HELB loan form are mandatory. If there are any missing signatures, just know that your application will not be accepted.

Missing documents

If any of the documents on the checklist haven’t been attached properly or it’s missing then the application will be termed incomplete.

Scanned copies

You are not supposed to scan your documents . he lb only requires you to submit original documents .

Unsigned or Unstamped for 2nd and subsequent loan applications

For the continuing students all their subsequent loan application forms must be signed and stumped by the dean of students

Helb Loan Application Tips

  1. Read the HELB loan application instructions before filling in the loan application form.
  2. Fill in your names and other details such as your date of birth, Bank details, Degree, and School correctly.
  3. Exhaust avenues to establish your household expenses and income. Try to be as accurate as you can.
  4. Make sure that all of those required to sign have signed and in the right places. This includes you, your parents, a church priest or pastor, magistrate or commissioner of oaths, chief etc.
  5. Countercheck all the figures with somebody who has filled the form before and was successfully or any person with such knowledge.
  6. Remember, Helb doesn’t give you the opportunity to go to their offices to counter check the documents due to the large volumes of application forms.

Finally take note :If other students in the same academic year get the loan or bursary and you miss, visit Helb offices located at 18th floor in Anniversary Towers and make an inquiry.

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