KNUT boss Wilson Sossion has come out to oppose the advertisement on teacher promotion that was issued by the Teachers Service Commission.

Sossion has said that the KNUT legal team will file a contempt of court case against the TSC for ignoring the schemes of service. “In the schemes of service, teacher promotion was pegged on merit and ability as reflected in the teacher’s work, performance, and results; seniority and experience, the existence of a vacancy; academic and professional qualifications,” a report on the KNUT boss that was published in a local daily said.

In the promotions, vacancies up for grabs are for deputy principals, senior lecturers, senior masters, curriculum support officers, head teachers and deputy head teachers and the TSC will carry them out through the career progression guidelines procedure.

However, Sossion wants the promotions to be carried out using the traditional schemes of service. He argues that a change from the traditional promotion guidelines can only be done through Parliament.

“Unionisable teachers means all teachers who can join a union thus it means the order applied to all teachers employed by TSC and what it is doing is a blow to the rule of law,” the KNUT boss said.

The advert by the TSC shows that currently, there are 6,680 senior master IV positions that are vacant, 2,111 primary school head teachers jobs and 1,765 deputy head teacher II posts. There are 1,590 vacancies for teachers in position of deputy principal III, 1,096 for deputy principal II and 1,341 for deputy principal I. Curriculum support officer II has 209 vacancies, senior master IV has 350 and senior lecturer IV has 45.

“Interested candidates, who meet the required qualifications, should make their applications online through the TSC so as to be received on or before 13th January, 2021. Please note that manual applications will not be considered,” the TSC said in the advert.


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