December 15, 2020

To: ALL Branch Executive Secretaries, Dear Colleagues


This is in reference to the above mentioned subject and the Registrar’s letter Ref. No.ML&SPITU/ELECTIONS/2021 dated 25th september, 2020 notifying us of Trade Union Elections.

Here attached find the full calendar of branch elections as per the Registrar’ of Trade Unions’ circular. Further to our Circular Ref. No.KNUT/CIRCULAR/122/13/2020 dated November 10, 2020 you are required to note and take action as follows:

1. Send out notice at least 14 days to the election date specifying the date and venue and draw the attention of members to Article X(C)I on qualifications to contest

2. Book for a secure venue

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3. Procure two good public address systems with alternative power backup

4. Inform and get sufficient security personnel for the venue

5. Prepare ballot papers for all ordinary BEC positions including those of specialized interests as created by the BEC and take them to the Labour Office for standing and custody. The ballot papers for Persons With Disabilities (PWD) and Steering which includes the Representative shall be printed from the head office

6. Under Article X(C1) and I quote “Every branch may create BEC positions to provide for representation of preferred categories of teachers and endeavor to ensure as far as possible one third (1/3) of members of the BEC are of either gender” end of quote.

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This should give the BEC room to incorporate ALL categories of teachers within their branch e.g. Teachers Training Colleges (TTC) and other Tertiary Institutions etc as each individual branch case may be.

7. The post primary representation should as far as possible proportionate to the overall members in the post primary sector

8. Candidates are required to adhere to general electioneering rules that outlaw campaigns and campaign materials on the election day and at the venue

9. Nomination forms and deeds of commitment shall be filled and delivered to the branch office by midday preceding the elections to enable smooth early start of voting on the electioneering day and compliance with the COVID 19 regulations.

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10. In the notice, you are to send out; members are to bring with them their National Identity Cards and the payslip for the month of June 2019 showing membership in KNUT together with a pen. For avoidance of doubt, we have resolved to use the June 2019

Membership Register.

11. Finally, members are encouraged to continue regularising their membership records through paying cash deposits of issuing standing orders with your respective banks to be sending membership fee to the gazetted KNUT Account No.1107218993 held at KCB Mei Avenue Branch, In case of further instructions, you shall be advised accordingly.


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