The council has Contracted 286,000 professional who will be manning the 2020 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams. These professionals can now login to KNEC portal and download their letters of deployment.

At the same time the KNEC has posted the list of all assigned invigilators and supervisors on the school’s account portal. School heads who are the centre manager can equally access the list by loging in to the portal. The list includes some particulars like positions gender and ID Numbers

In that school portal you can also access information such as Examination Centre details (Centre code and name), Location of centre , Examination materials Distribution Centre Details, Distance from the Distribution Centre and the registered number of Candidates.

The examiners can access site via the link below;
KCPE Examiners -from 16th March, 2021; KCSE Examiners from 22nd March, 2021. Examiners concerned are required to do the following:

1. Access KNEC Contracted Professionals Website using this link

2. Those with qp2 accounts and passwords,log in to the Examiners portal using your username and password

3. Those without passwords, click on reset password button to enter your mobile number in the format [2547…) and submit to get your username and password for logging to the system
4. Upon successful log in, complete your personal information and save. Using the dashboard provided access, read, accept or reject the invitation letter provided.

After one accepts the offer letter, download and print the invitation letter. For further details contact any of the following: Telephone numbers: 0720 741005, 0752 3335350, 0775 471980, 0775 471997; Email addresses: and

summary of  the payment for the 2021 Contracted Professionals;

Contracted ProfesionalExamRegionPay Per DayTotal Days engagedTotal Pay
Centre ManagerKCPEAll RegionsSh5004Sh2,000
Centre ManagerKCSEAll RegionsSh50018Sh9,000
InvigilatorsKCPEAll RegionsSh5383Sh1,615
InvigilatorsKCSENairobi & MombasaSh58017Sh9,860
InvigilatorsKCSEOther RegionsSh46017Sh7,820
SupervisorsKCPEAll RegionsSh6214Sh2,485
SupervisorsKCSENairobi & MombasaSh69518Sh12,510
SupervisorsKCSEOther RegionsSh63018Sh11,340
Security OfficersKCSEAll RegionsSh42016Sh6,720
DriversKCSEAll RegionsSh40516Sh6,480



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