A group of LGBT students in Nairobi-Kenya protested Thursday in opposition to the Prime Minister’s recent proposal to ban boarding schools. Schools are common in Kenya, and student and rights groups say the ban is discriminatory and will jeopardize their safety.

Dozens of angry students went to the city of Nairobi on Thursday in a peaceful protest against Kenya’s Ministry of Education.

They were armed with placards condemning the proposal by Chief Cabinet Secretary George Magohha for education that gay students would be locked out of boarding schools.

Mary Liz Biubwa, one of the protesters, said Magoha’s comments are beginning to influence some schools.

“At Magoha’s direction, two students were contacted. One has already graduated from school and will start a journey to help them tomorrow. She has a KCSE in March. I can’t. She’s said to be gay so please come back, “Biubwa said.

KCSE is a certificate of examination for a secondary school in Kenya.

Protesters withdraw December’s remarks in a two-page petition to the Minister of Education, criminalizing all sorts of phobias they say endanger the lives of people, including the lives of gay students. I asked him.

Makena Njeri is the founder of Bold Africa, a gay rights network.

“Being a gay student graduating from high school has always been a challenge until very close to dropping out. This discriminates against me as a kid when I was growing up. Now Government is putting more pressure on institutions to continue discrimination [against] Children [and] I can’t stand it. “

Kenya is one of many African countries that outlaw homosexuality.

The VOA has proved that the Chief Cabinet Secretary has not officially ordered a boarding school in Kenya to ban students suspected of being homosexual.

State education officials, who speak on condition of anonymity, said that formal circulations are usually sent to all boarding school principals.

“Implementing such a directive is very difficult and can lead to a lot of anger. It turns out that his remarks are already causing confusion. The school principal is doing it. What if I see it? It’s a disaster, “said an educator.

LGBT community leaders who have submitted a petition to the Ministry of Education will meet with Magoha next week.




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