An unknown number of students have been hurt after AIC Itigo Girls Secondary School went up in flames. The incident is a suspected arson from some of the students who went on rampage and burned down the school.

This comes after number of schools in the country have experienced the same in a span of less than a week. The exact cause of such behavior among students has not been determined and addressed by the Ministry of Education.

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This has left many teachers, other education stakeholders, parents and the country at large in confusion. The students in question are the same people that the country depends on its future.

The students don’t seem to take heed of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations warning that any student found to have committing such crimes will have to be arrested and that crime kept as a record that will hinder their progress in future.

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The Ministry of Education has to move with speed and address the issue before things get out of hand.


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