Teaching as a profession can either be found in public or private sectors, but most teachers tend to apply to teach in one or the other reason being the two sectors are markedly contrasted and therefore new teachers tend to use the disparities in the two sectors to choose their best fit .

For one to decide  where concentrate when looking for a job is not easy and more so when you don’t know how the two sectors differ .in as much as there  some similarities between the two types of schools there exist also the differences in those school which  will affect your teaching experiences.  Therefore  its advisable you take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages in those two sectors before applying for teaching position.

There are many advantages of teaching in a private school than in a public school ,below are some of the advantages ;

Thin management structure

A private school is not part of a large administrative group of public schools .Its somehow about independent entity this enables you not to go up or down through  layers of bureaucracy to solve an issue They  are autonomous units of manageable size .

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There structure is as follows : staff >department head >head of school >board . unlike in public school where you will find some additional layers in most big schools the advantage therefore is obvious : There’s responsiveness to issues and clear communication channels you don’t need union to help deal with issues.

small class sizes

The enrollment in private schools is not high hence you can find a classroom  with manageable number of students and this will allow teachers to teach effectively ,give students their individual attention they deserve and finally they can achieve their educational objectives

Private school s mostly have class sizes between 10 and 20 students unlike in public schools where you can get a class having up to 68 students in such situation teachers cannot be able to manage such students while teaching .At that class size ,the teacher becomes a traffic cop.

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Smaller Schools

In most private schools they can have 300 to 400 students but then the largest can have up to 1100 students unlike public schools where you can get up to 2000 students or more .Therefore in private schools teachers can get to know all the students this can sometimes help to manage discipline in those private schools
Clear Discipline Policies
While there are many differences between public and private schools, the primary difference is the approach to discipline. In a private school, the rules of the school are clearly laid out when the teacher signs a contract. By signing the contract, the teacher agrees to abide by its terms, which include consequences for infractions of the discipline code.

In a public school, the disciplinary process takes time and frequently is cumbersome and complicated. Students quickly learn how to game the system and can tie teachers up in knots for weeks over disciplinary matters .​

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Ideal Teaching Conditions
Teachers want to be creative. They want to teach their subjects. They want to light the fires of enthusiasm for learning within their young charges. Because private schools adhere to the spirit, but not to the letter, of state-mandated curricula, there is great flexibility in the choice of texts and of teaching methodologies. Teachers at private schools don’t necessarily need to abide by state- or local school board-mandated curriculums, tests, and teaching methods.

Common Goals

Private school students are there because their parents want them to have the best possible education. Parents are paying serious money for that service. Consequently, everybody expects the very best results. If a teacher is passionate about her subject, she feels the same way. These common goals between parents and teachers—as well as administrators—make teaching at a private school a very desirable option.


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