Parent Teacher Association, is an organization started by parents and teachers in schools to monitor the functioning of schools. The PTA has helped in developing very many projects in several schools in Kenya. It plays a very important role in schools.

Here are some of the roles of the PTA;

  1. Participate in decision making in school
  2. Help in raising funds in school
  3. Connect the school with the neighboring community
  4. Monitor the school performance
  5. Help in the maintenance of discipline in school
  6. Attend school functions

1. Participate in decision making in school.
The Parent Teacher Association takes part in making decisions that might affect the school. This ensures that the right decisions are made and the school is run smoothly.

2. Help in raising school funds
This association helps in raising funds to improve the school infrastructure and facilities for better learning. Many schools in Kenya have succeeded from projects by the PTA.

3. Connect the school with the neighboring community
Communication between the community and the school administration is through the PTA. Any conflicts between the two is solved with the help of the association.

4. Monitor the school performance
The PTA monitors the school performance and tells the school administration if the overall school performance is satisfying or not. It also comes up with things the school can do to improve its performance.

5. Help in maintenance of discipline in school.
There are some disciplinary cases in school that the school is unable to punish. In such situations, the PTA assists in making disciplinary decisions, both for teachers and students.

6. Attend school functions.
The PTA attends school functions and keeps track of what goes on in school.

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