Kids living with disabilities are very sensitive and tend to require more care and attention. It will take more than just providing basic needs for these kids in order for them to be okay. It is a parent’s duty to take care of their kids living with disabilities and monitoring them at all times.

  1.     Introduction of special schools in Kenya has given these kids a chance to interact with others in the same situation as them. This has enabled them to see themselves as important people in the society today. Teachers in special schools have done so much for these children. However, teachers only are not enough to nurture them in to their very best selves.

As a parent of a child living with disabilities, here are some reasons why your involvement in their school work is important;

  1. To help teachers in their teaching
  2. To be their children’s advocate
  3. To gain more trust from the kids
  4. In order to keep track of their academic performance
  5. To find out their full potential
  6. To monitor their health.
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1. To help teachers in their teaching
Teaching is not usually as easy as it looks like, especially when your students are a very sensitive population. Teachers in special schools require parent to come in and show them how best their kids understand when taught. Parents are usually the closest to their kids and therefore have experienced firsthand how these kids are and can be. Therefore, teachers will require even the tiniest details in order to be able to teach them.

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2. To be their children’s advocate
Parents have been with their children the longest and therefore know what is best for them. Getting involved in their school work will ensure that these kids get the best.

3. To gain more trust from their kids
Trust is usually very hard to earn when it comes to kids living with disabilities. Even as a parent, you can easily lose the pre-existing trust. To avoid this, make sure you get involved in your child’s life frequently to show them how important they are. This will for sure gain you more love and appreciation from our child.

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4. In order to keep track of their academic performance
This is usually to find out if there is anything new concerning your child’s performance. You might want to check if there is anything giving your child any challenges and find ways to help.

5. To find out their full potential
Sometimes, your child might have abilities that you had no idea they had. Getting involved in their school life will enable you to see such things.

6. To monitor their health
Involving yourself in your child’s life will make sure that you are fully aware of any issues concerning their health. This is very important for special kids since their health in most cases is usually quite unpredictable.


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