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Importance of KNUT to Kenyan teachers

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), is a union of teachers in Kenya. It was founded in December 4th, 1957.It is the largest teachers’ trade union in Kenya. Wilson Sossion is the current secretary-general . The purpose of this union is generally to be a strong unified representative for teachers, apart from being genuinely interested in the education in Kenya.

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KNUT plays a very important role to many teachers in Kenya. Here are some of the benefits of this union;

  1. KNUT gives teachers a voice in various educational debates and topics in the country. In a union, the more the number of teachers, the bigger the voice. KNUT is the largest union in Kenya, and therefore, they have a huge say in stuff the country’s education.
  2. It provides several discount program opportunities to its members. Such programs include; life insurance benefits, health insurance, credit card opportunities, e.t.c.
  3. The union also provides legal protection to its members. It protects the teachers from harsh judgement and also advises them on what to do from time to time.
  4. In addition, teachers are also more likely to get faster professional development in the union.
  5. Teachers are also supported by the union in tough situations. They are also guided in their profession.
  6. It negotiates salary for teachers in Kenya. KNUT has the ability to call for a teachers’ strike when TSC fails to meet their demands.
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