There has been technological advancement which has made the world to be a global village. With this advancement in technology, teachers now  need a phone and some credentials for them to register, add dependants and even confirm whether the dependants have been added successfully in   AON.

You do not need the AON registration form to fill for the process to be complete. It is important to note that you can dial a USSD code using Safaricom or Airtel SIM card and follow the guide below:

AON TSC online registration process

You can register AON Minet medical cover using your phone. What you need to do is :

  • For Safaricom line dial *384*847#
  • For  Airtel *865#
  • Have your DOB, ID no, TSC no and pay station code with you
  • The ID of your spouse, DOB, the DOB of children if applicable

1. Type *384*847# from Safaricom Line and *865# from Airtel Line: You will be welcomed with a message “Welcome to Aon TSC Medical Insurance Registration”.

2. Enter your TSC Number and ID Number
The above will be verified against TSC database

3. If successful, you will be asked to enter Name (surname and other names), DOB, Workstation Number, family size including self, gender and whether you and other members of your family stay together.

If not successful, you will be asked to contact a number at Aon for further assistance (020 497 4799, 0730 647 799, 0719 044 799).

All erroneous attempts will be logged onto the system and will be queried so as to reach the teacher in ‘Registration Distress’ or control fraudsters

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4. Once done, you will be given a pass-code that you can use to register your dependants and a message confirming that you are now a fully registered member with Aon TSC Medical Scheme

5. While registering your spouse, please provide telephone number

6. While registering children, please state whether they are disabled. If over eighteen (18) of age, kindly provide their ID Numbers

The procedure for AON TSC registration using a phone with an Airtel SIM card is exactly the same as above for Safaricom, because you dial the same USSD *252# for self-registration. The difference comes when confirming if dependents are registered using an Airtel number, as you will need to dial *865#.

How to confirm your registration 

Are you covered under the Aon TSC medical Scheme? Confirm that you and your dependents are registered. Dial *865# to check your AON registration.

Benefits of the AON TSC scheme

1. Excellent medical care, customer care, and support services
TSC and AON, through the AON TSC medical scheme, ensure that their members obtain the best care whenever they visit any hospital. For any queries or difficulties, the able team at AON TSC always provides necessary assistance. Medical services covered by AON TSC include;

a) For inpatient

The insurance cover will help with the hospital accommodation charges such as bed entitlement.

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Other inpatient services include:

  • The Physician, Surgeon & Anesthetist charges
  • ICU/HDU and Theatre Charges
  • Drugs, dressings, and Internal Surgical appliance
  • Pathology, Ultrasound, ECG, and Computerized Tomography, X-ray, MRI Scans
  • Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy
  • In-patient Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy
  • In-Patient prescribed medicines and dressings
  • Emergency road and air evacuation within East Africa leading to admission
  • Daycare surgery for minor surgical treatment that may not require admission
  • Hospital accommodation for accompanying parent or guardian for hospitalized children below seven (7) years
  • Post-hospitalization advantage
  • Congenital defects or genetic disorders
  • Pre-existing and chronic conditions (including cancer)
  • Rehabilitation services and limits covered
  • In-Patient optical and dental surgeries.

a) For outpatient

AON TSC Outpatient Medical Cover permits benefit portability in Kenya and within East Africa.

Members can access any service provider of their preference locally and within East Africa within the panel of providers.

The AON TSC outpatient cover caters for all routine outpatient services such as:

  • Normal outpatient consultations

Diagnostic Laboratory and Radiology services including – X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI, and CT Scans

  • Prescribed physiotherapy
  • Prescribed drugs and dressing
  • Prescribed routine laboratory tests
  • HIV/AIDS-related conditions and prescribed ARV’s to the full cover limit per family per annum
  • Routine immunisations
  • KEPI vaccinations Pap smear for ladies and PSA for men (for principal members only) Routine antenatal check-ups
  • Post-natal care up to six (6) weeks
  • Newly diagnosed chronic conditions
  • Pre-existing and chronic conditions (including Cancer)
  • Ambulance services

Some of the chronic illness the AON TSC medical scheme takes care of include: Arthritis, Cardiac failure, Cancers, Diabetes, Peptic Ulcer Diseases, Epilepsy, Chronic renal disease, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, Hypertension, Asthma, Schizophrenia, Bronchiectasis, Systemic lupus erythematous, Thyroid disease, and Hyperlipidemia.

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c) Maternity

AON TSC insurance scheme will cater for all the pregnancy’s condition such as Routine Antenatal check-up Delivery fees Postnatal care up to six weeks Routine immunizations (KEPI) and Baby friendly vaccines Emergency caesarean section Congenital conditions Pre-maturity expenses Prescribed drugs and dressing.

  • Routine Antenatal check-up
  • Delivery fees
  • Postnatal care up to six weeks
  • Routine immunisations
  • (KEPI) and Baby friendly vaccines
  • Emergency caesarean section
  • Congenital conditions
  • Pre-maturity expenses
  • Prescribed drugs and dressing

d) Emergency rescue/evacuation, including treatment overseas

AON TSC members will benefit from:

  • Emergency air and road ambulance evacuation services within East Africa.
  • Overseas evacuation or treatment abroad (e.g. India, South Africa, Europe) where treatment is not available locally and within policy limits.

e) Other services

  • Dental and optical
  • Psychiatric and counselling solutions
  • Aon wellness/wellbeing programme benefits
  • Group life cover
  • Last expense (funeral) cover benefits.

2. Convenient

With the online registration, you do not need to have a TSC AON form because you can easily fill the details using your phone at the comfort of your house or staffroom.

3. Reliable

Teachers Service Commission Insurance has enhanced great methods for their insurance coverage that are consistent and of good quality. AON medical scheme will give you what you are looking for in an insurance company.

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