Since the outbreak of this pandemic, most people have lost their jobs or have had their salaries reduced .İf at all you fall in this category then it is obvious  that you have already started using your emergency savings to sustain you  in this period .İf this is the case then you have  to be smart enough on how you use that money since we are not sure whether the pandemic is here to stay bearing in mind the adverse effects it has caused on the economy .Things will go back to normal gradually but as we wait for that then we have to live with the virus and find means to sustain ourselves as we adapt with the new normal .

1.Drop expenses that you dont necessarily need.

İn this case one  makes a list of everything that you spend  on and eliminate anything that you can live without right now. Some things that you can eliminate include the eliminate are recreational activities and things that you spend on .For example ;You  can save on the money that you used to spend on partying now that social places are closed and trips and focus on spending it  to meeting the daily basic  needs.

2.Order the remaining expenses in terms of priorities.

With the remaining list of expenses , choose those that you can do necessarily without.This does not mean doing away with them completely but you will have to pause their usage for a specific time or even buy or do them only if your budget allows you to.İn your list, deal only with only things that can you cannot live without, concentrate more on food .Clothing is a basic need but at this buying new clothes should not be a priority, new clothes can be bought after satisfying the basic ones.

3. Minimize the debt  payment transactions.

İf one has mortages and loans that you were servicing , try to negotiate with the  creditors for them to try and reduce the amount of installments if possible to reduce strain on one side .İf possible , service the loans with the minimun amounts possible to make room for meeting the necessities first .

4.Avoid debts as much as possible.

As much as you are not able to meet your expectations avoid debts as much as possible because servicing them can be hard bearing in mind the prevailing economic times.İnstead of getting loans think about things such as making use of the government assistance programs  or even draw on retirement savings though this should be the last thing you think about.

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