Due to the outbteak of the corona virus pandemic , the schools were closed and students have been forced to adopt a new learning system to ensure the continuity of education and content delivery to the students.Various platforms are being used to pass knowledge to the desperate students who don’t  know when normal learning process will resume.As we wait for government directives on when schools re-open, here is how we can make online classes effective for students:

1.Find ways to be interactive 

In a classroom setting students and teachers are able to interact freely with engagement in discussion and asking of questions.The same can be done in an online classroom through the use of digital sites I.e whatsap groups, webchats etc .This will help reduce the boredom associated with these online classes in a bid to achieve the intended purpose.

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2.Access to educational resources

Thos includes digital tools and websites that are offering education related services.Tutors need to ensure that everyone can get access to the designated mode of transmission for it to be effective.one can also decide to get access to education uploaded sites I.e Viusasa and the longhorn sites which are easy to access and which the SAFARICOM network is giving free mbs to login to the site.


During the learning process there will be disruptions with one trying to adopt and familiarize with the digital tools of learning hence one may face a difficult time.It is allowed to set deadlines but with room for a fit in incase there is an interruption I.e an online class can be postponed if a considerable number of students do not manage to  attend or a deadline for submission of an assignment may be extended

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4.Sensitivity and accomodation

Since students are not meeting as usual in classes , it is easy to forget some since people come from different environments.Though in the internet era, we cannot assume that everyone has access to the internet.In this online learning, tutors have to notice who misses classes and try to follow up and know why they couldn’t make it and then figure out ways that you can go ahead with the teaching without having them left behind.

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5.The period of the examination administration.

During this time most people are living in uncertainity, fear and distress hence not the appropriate time to administer examinations.The online learningshould be more of  creating an interactive environment for students and make sure they engage well with the content.If need be for assesment then it should be easy to access, reliable and easy to implement.

NB/E -learning is only for a short term period to explore how education can change with adoption of different modes of content delivery.

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