Due to the outbreak of the corona virus , schools were indefinately closed .As a result schools were forced to adapt the online learning system for educational services to ensure that students can still continue with their learning activities while at home.There are a a number of challenges facing this mode of learning but the peak of it all is the self discipline and the ability to concentrate like in a normal classroom setting .İn a home setting there can be alot of distractions and the environment is not that conducive for effective learning processes to take place .Here are some things one can exercise self discipline and be able to make the online learning succesfull.

1.Create a dedicated place for study

This involves setting a specific study area if at all you do not have a study a study room .The room should be neat and should used for studies only .Place your learning materials in this room and treat it with alot of care.İt should have enough light, free circulation of air and let it be an expression of a normal classroom setting .Those who opt to use the sitting room or the dining room should ensure the activities around these rooms do not affect their concentration in the class.

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2.Get rid of distractions

Distractions in this includes anything in or around your study sphere that can affect your concentration.When doing online studies , ensure that such things as televisions, radio or any other music gadgets are switched off.Also one should be disciplined enough to access only the study platform and not social platforms i.e whatsapp, facebook , this will save you the agony of being tempted to reply to a message that pops in during the study session hence one will be able to effectively grasp something from the lesson.

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3.Create a a group for study

When creating a study there are alot of things to put to consideration.Choose people who have same goal as you that is , they want to learn.This will help to reduce unecessary withdrawal from the subject matter.Groups can help since ideas can be interprated into simpler concepts because every group member has a different capability from the other.

4.Take handwritten notes

This is the best way to confirm whether you have truly got anything from the class .Simple handwritten notes are easier to understand since it is your simplest form of interpretation of a concept.Things like recording , taking screenshots are also good but once you are done with a lesson it is might be difficult to listen to the recording or refer to  the screenshot in a case of self evaluation, while notes can be easily accessed .

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From the above procedures students can easily enjoy the online study as we wait for the next step bearing in mind that schools are not reopening anytime soon and if there are plans to then they might take longer than expected .As a student or a parent dont use your phone for recreational purposes whereas you have an option to increase your intelligence using the same phone .


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