A relationship should that of love and companionship and should make one feel vibrant and invigorated with provision of a sense of contentment.Some relationships drain ones energy and life out and leave you in deep emotional turmoil.When it gets to this point then automatically it becomes a toxic realtionship.Detecting the signs of a toxic relationship is not easy because one is blinded by love hence doesnt see the  realities of a bad relationship.One is forced to hold on with hope that the partner will change and so the relationship becomes more of frustrating than fulfilling.Here are some of the characteristics of a toxic relationship:

1.Fear and uncomfortability

This happens when a partner is always uneasy when with their partner .Fear is instilled by criticism and threats making a partner lower her confidence.Fear can be a tool a partner uses to make the other partner dependant to them and prevents one from standing up  for themselves when they feel something is wrong.In this case the partner is always under control and all time submissive to the other.

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A healthy relationship should always provide a  peaceful and conducive environment for both partners.However a toxic relationship always feels like a battle field .A toxic relationship will always have arguments, unhealthy debates and partners are always arguing about everything and agreeing about nothing.It is normal for partners to disagree but when disagreements are consistent then it becomes definate that its toxic.

3.Low self -esteem

This when one partner is no longer confident in a relationship.This is majorly contributed to  by such things as insults, criticism on behaviour , interest and choices .This makes the partner to always do things that pleases the other partner for them to fit in.

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4.Always never good enough

This is when a partner keeps on fiting in the shoes of the other partner when the partner doesnt notice the efforts .A toxic relationship will always feel like a never ending interview where one is always proving their worth.No matter how much the other partner tries to do they will never get a positive feedback .Despite that, the partner will always look to new ways to prove how good they are .

5.Jelousy in excess

In every relationship there is always a jelous partner but in this case the jelousy is excessive .In most cases a partner will always accuse the other of infidelity even when it is not the case.This makes the other partner to limit themselves to such things as going out or even cut off some of the friends .This kind of jelousy is mainly involved when a partner doesnt like the  people around another partner.

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6.Always feeling like someone owns you

This is when a partner cannot do a thing whether right or wrong indipendently without the approval by the other partner.The partner dictates  what you do and where you can go.In this case a partners freedom is limited and they will always have to oblige .

7.Negative vibes

A partner should always support and be a cheer leader to the other partner  and also encourage them at all times.However , in a  toxic relationship one’s partner is always the biggest challenger and always discouraging and will never believe in them or whatever efforts they put into things like careers or dreams.

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