Once you’ve completed your training course as a teacher, you will be required to register for a tsc number so that you can be able to teach in either public and private schools.

Each qualified teacher in Kenya must apply and register with Teachers Service commission before engaging in teaching.
According to Article 237 of the Teachers Service Commission Act 2012, it is an offence for any person to engage in the teaching service profession unless he or she is registered as a teacher.

A TSC number : is a unique identification number given to all the qualified teachers in Kenya to enable them teach in any institution

TSC number application process is simple and straightforward. The Teacher Service Commission Act 2012 Article 237 requires that the commission registers all qualified teachers before they teach in any private or public Kenyan school.

Requirements for one to register

For one to be able to register for a TSC number, there some documents he/she has to posses

The following documents must be scanned and uploaded

1. Certified copies of academic and professional certificates
2. National identity card
3. Bank slip
4. One passport size photo
5. KRA pin certificate
6. GP69 form ie Certificate of Medical Examination from a government hospita
7. Certificate of good conduct
8. Entry and work permits for non-Kenyans.

How to apply for TSC number 

The following is a simple  procedure which is followed when applying for a TSC  number:

1. Visit the Teachers Service Commission online portal.

2. Click ‘New Teacher Registration’.
You will be directed to a screen where you will be required to type in your ID number or passport number and your surname.
3. Click ‘Next’ after doing this.
On the next screen, you will be required to enter the applicant’s basic details.
Here, you will need to provide information such as your first name, other names, your date of birth, religion, gender, permanent address, and current address.
4. After filling in, click ‘Next’. On the next screen, you shall enter your education and professional qualifications.
You will enter information such as the name of the institution, date (from and to), specialisation, certificate, certificate number, and certificate date.
5. You will then need to upload the certificates.
To upload, under the ‘Upload’ tab, click ‘Add’ and you will be taken to a screen where you choose the scanned document and upload it.
After uploading, you will be taken to a screen with the following message in blue: ‘File Uploaded!’
6. Click the ‘Back’ button to upload other documents.
7. Once you have uploaded all the documents, click ‘Next’.
8. You will be directed to the next screen which will show you the documents you have uploaded.
9. Click ‘Next’ to move to the next form.
In this section, you will need to enter other details such as the major subjects you studied, the minor subjects studied, and your previous Teachers Service Commission number(if you had one).
You will then be required to answer some yes/no questions and provide certain details according to the answer chosen.
10. Select the payment mode, type in the pay-in-slip number, save, and finalise your application.

For new teacher registration, a non-refundable fee of Ksh1,055 should be deposited to the Teachers Service Commission Registration Account National Bank of Kenya (Direct Banking to A/C No. 01001000905001).

Alternatively, the payment can be made using simple banking using Pay Bill Business Number 625625 (Kshs1,000 is a non-refundable registration fee and Kshs. 55 is the bank commission charge to the Teachers Service Commission).

Take note once your application is successful, you will be issued with a certificate of registration bearing your TSC number within 30 days

How to apply for duplicate certificate of registration

You can also also apply for a duplicate certificate of registration in case if yours got lost,destroyed or misplaced Or stolen

For you to register this you need to go be truthful to yourself and scan and attach the documents which are required

For the application for a duplicate certificate of registration, one is required to pay a non-refundable fee of Ksh2,055 deposited to the:
Teachers Service Commission
Registration Account: National Bank of Kenya – Direct Banking A/C No. 0100100570400.
Always ensure that you have the bank deposit slip before proceeding with duplicate certificate registration.

How to Check TSC Registration status

1. You can check your TSC number  registration status by visiting the TSC online services portal.
2. Then click on ‘Registration Status.’
3. Then enter your identity card or passport number and press go. You will receive your TSC registration confirmation.

Why your TSC registration can be rejected

In an event where you applied for your TSC number but it failed or rejected ,there are  some of the reason which could have hindered the process .The most common reasons for the failure or rejection of the application include

1. Giving wrong details during application
2. Missing details in your application
3. Lack of proper relevant academic and professional qualification
4. Previous record of criminal offenses that renders you unfit to serve as a teacher
5. Engaging in activities that are prejudicial to peace, order and good governance
6. Bad moral conduct with former offense confliction such as sexual offense or other offense against the learner.
7. If the applicant suffers physical or mental infinity that renders them incapable of performing the duties of a teacher

Take note
A registered member with teachers service commission can also lose his or her membership and their names removed from the teachers list if he/she go against the TSC code of conduct.

A deregistered teacher is not allowed to engage in teaching activity and depending on the violation or offense committed one risks facing imprisonment.

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