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How to apply for HELB loan clearance and compliance certificates

There are services which are provided by the higher Education loans board among them include  Loan Disbursement, Loan Statements, Loan status, Compliance/Clearance Certificate and Penalty Waiver.

For you to access all these you need to register and have an account with HELB and you can access them through their website : www.helb.co.ke

When you will be seeking for employment opportunity,you will be required to produce a HELB clearance certificate even if you didn’t benefit from the loan financing program

There are two types of HELB certificate i.e The HELB compliance certificate which is awarded to HELB beneficiaries who are still paying their loans . The other one is the HELB clearance certificate Which  is given either to beneficiaries who have completed loan repayment or non-beneficiaries who require loan clearance.


If you obtained HELB loan during the period you were in college or university, the process is some how cumbersome

For you to get the HELB compliance certificate,you need to ensure that you always making repayments of the loan .

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You can not be able to get a compliance certificate if you have defaulted payment since graduation. So it important to find some ways to start repaying the loan despite how little your installments will be

Hence, you cannot get a compliance certificate in case you have defaulted payment since graduation. Only HELB has the ability to provide you with this certificate so you need to consider finding a way to start repaying the loans despite how little your installments will be.

You can start repaying as little as let’s say 500 via mpesa. You simply;

  • Go to M-Pesa
  • Select Lipa na M-Pesa
  • Choose Pay Bill
  • Enter HELB business number: 200800
  • Enter your national ID number as your account number
  • Enter amount: 500
  • Enter PIN number
  • Confirm the transaction and sendYou will receive a text message from HELB with a transaction code, confirming your payment. It is advisable to keep a record of this message in case issues arise in the future.
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How to get a helb clearance certificate

For you to get a HELB  clearance certificate, you should ensure that you have completed repaying your loan. Then you can now Visit any the main offices at Anniversary Towers, Nairobi, ask for an Enquiry form for HELB clearance which you are required to fill. Also, you can download the Enquiry Document PDF from the Publication section of the HELB website, print and fill it.

Normally, it takes about one day for the clearance certificate to be ready if all conditions are met.


For non-beneficiaries however, everything has been automated through using the internet. All you need is a computer or laptop and a good internet condition to start the process.

1. Create your HELB Profile

Visit the HELB Portal
Click User Registration on the top Menu
Input your ID and your first name as directed
Click Validate

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Once your ID number and Names have been validated, a new form will appear.

Fill in the details: Phone Number, Email and Password
Click Signup.
Log into your email and click the confirmation link sent by HELB.
Your account will be activated and you’ll be redirected to the HELB login page

2. Log in and update your details

Input your Email Address and Password.
Click Login

You will be presented with a long form where you input all your personal details. Sections marked with a red star are compulsory while the rest are optional.

Once you are done, Save
3. Apply for the Compliance Certificate

Once you save the completed form, you will be redirected to the HELB Dashboard.

Go to Online Services in the Top Menu and select Compliance Certificate from the dropdown list.
You will be required to pay a one-time non-refundable fee of Ksh 1000 by either M-Pesa or KCB



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