I am Elizabeth from Murang’a County and the first born in a family of six sisters all who are now grown-ups. I want to say that living with sisters is not a bad thing only that we have been missing male sibling atleast to enjoy that balance or company.

Imagine its only our father who is male in our family and as usual he doesn’t sit at home because he has to work in office until late. He has a consultancy firm in Nairobi CBD.

My sisters, Flora, Eunice, Janet, Wambo, Susan and I have all along been prayng that one day we get a brother. We have been piling a lot of pressure on our parents to give us a brother. We couldn’t accept that it was not their fault; and that’s why we have been faulting them.

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It even reached a point where we had a family meeting and we rebuked our dad for refusing to give us a brother My mother who knew it was not their fault ended up slapping me in face and asked me to shut up because I had started misbehaving or rather became disrespectful.

My parents have lived with that pressure for many years since they got married and though it seemed also not a good thing to not have a boy in their home, they had decided to put up with it. They couldn’t do much.

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One day when I was reading through the internet, I stumbled upon a traditional doctor’s advert and it had a lot of positive reaction from those he had assisted in their marriage. Some of his clients had problems similar to our parents’ problem of not giving birth to a boy.

I decided to read the story which made me to accept that it was not my parents’ fault; some of these conditions are natural and parents have no direct control them.

I shared the article with my mother who then shared it with my dad. They decided to take the phone number of the herbalist and later called him. My mother even told me they went there to see him for medication.

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This was last year. Today as we speak my mother got pregnant and she just delivered a baby boy very handsome and bouncing. The whole family cannot believe the miracle.

We call the boy ‘Miracle Baby’ thanks to Doctor Ngoso. Apart from netting cheating partners, herbalist Ngoso also has medicine that can influence promotion at work, he has solution for troubled marriages, spinning court cases, and cushioning homes from spiritual and physical attacks (majini).

Phone Number +254718756944 Email: doctorngoso@gmail.com ; Website: www.doctorngoso.com

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