The Teacher Service Commission (TSC), being an employer of all teachers in kenya has many roles to do that pertains to teachers services. One of the roles is the promotion of teachers. We can be talking about promotion of teachers yet there some who might not know what we mean. To start with ;

What’s promotion in teaching?

Promotion is defined as the permanent movement of an ongoing employee from one position to another position in the teaching service with a higher attainable maximum salary than the employee’s substantive position

What’s the difference between transfer and promotion?

In other words, a transfer is a lateral movement of an employee, not involving promotion or demotion. A transfer may require an employee to change his work group, work place or organisation unit. Promotions refer to changes in which the pay, status and privileges of new post are higher when compared with the old.

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) therefore tend to promote teachers in order to motivate them. The objective of promotion is to reward performance, manage succession and expand opportunities for career growth and progression. Thus, when  promoted, teachers enjoy some of the privileges for example salary increment, change of the status which  could be from deputy to principal and many other privileges of the new position.

How do teachers get promoted by TSC?

As a teacher the only promotion is to become an administrator (principal or deputy  principal). One does that by completing an administrative credential and getting hired to a VP position. Otherwise if one wishes to remain a teacher, their salary will increase in line with their counties’ pay scale.

Promotion of teachers by TSC is based on existing schemes of Service i.e the TSC Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) and/ or the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs).

When promoting teachers another tool which is important and taken into consideration is the Teachers Performance and Appraisal Development (TPAD) . This is where the commission will check and see the report in it.

Ways of promoting teachers 

Promotion of teachers is done in three different ways:

  1. Promotion on common cadre establishment
  2. Promotion through Teacher Proficiency Course (TPC)
  3. Promotion through competitive selection

1.Promotion on common cadre establishment

This one will only apply to all those teachers who move from one job group to another without any competitive selection process or the availability of vacancies so long as they have the minimum qualifications for that grade.

The category of teachers who fall under this category include those who are in Job Group J(C1), K (C2) and L (C3). Promotion from Job Group J to K and K to L is done after three years satisfactory performance. For you to be promoted under this category, all you need to do is to fill the TSC promotion form.

Minimum requirements

  • You should have served for 3years in your current grade
  • Have valid certificates
  • Good performance of your duties

2.Promotion through Teacher Proficiency Course (TPC)

The teacher who fall under this type of TSC promotion include those in  Job Groups G (B5) and H (C1). They must undertake a Teacher Proficiency Course for them to be promoted.

3.Promotion through competitive selection

This type of promotion consists of those teachers who want to be promoted to Job Groups M (C4), N (C5), P (D1), Q (D2) and R (D3) and its  done through competitive selection. The Commission usually advertises for these vacancies after some time (subject to availability of funds). Interested and qualified applicants are then supposed to apply through the TSC online portal.

Shortlisting of applicants is done at the TSC headquarters. Names of shortlisted candidates for Job Groups M and N and guidelines are then forwarded to County Directors and Regional Coordinators who conduct the interviews at the county and Regional Levels; respectively.

In the latest TSC guidelines, appointment and deployment of of all primary school institutional administrators and all institutional administrators for county, sub county and day (secondary) schools are to be coordinated by the Regional Coordinator.

The regional selection panel shall have the regional director (who shall be the chair), the host county director (secretary), the host county Human Resource Officer and all other county directors from the region.

Similarly, the county selection committee shall be composed of: the county director (chairperson), host sub county director (secretary), the county Human Resource Officer and all other sub county directors from the county.

Why a teacher may not be promoted ?

Teachers cannot be promoted except out of teaching. Consequently, a teacher’s status, pay, and responsibilities are not substantially different on retirement than on the day that teacher was hired. There some factors which may hinder the promotion of a teacher they include ;

  • If the teacher has not finished two years from  the date he was found guiltily following a disciplinary action
  • If the teacher has not finished one year from the date he was issued with an administrative warning.

This is just to mention some of the few factors but there are others.

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