Offers loans to students joining public or private universities within the East African Community through KUCCPS or self sponsered

Applicants are always advised to apply atleast a month before reporting for processing

Types of loans

There are two types of undergraduate  loan application

-first time application

-second and subsequent applications for continuing students

Number of loans eligible is dependant on the duration of ones programme

Management of loans

The loan is mainly granted for

-books and stationery


-accomodation and sustainance

Beneficiaries are alway encouraged not to diversify the money for leisure or family obligations

Loan award

Loan awarded ranges from 40000-60000.

For those placed by KUCCPS the amount is split to handle both tuition and sustainance while for self sponsered it is directly sent to the university for tuition fees.

An amount of 4000 for those sponsered by the government is usualy disbursed every semester for tuition while the rest is sent into the personal account for upkeep.

An administration fee of ksh.500 per year is charged .


Undergraduate loan repayments starts a year after completion of studies that is when the board recalls the loan but one is allowed to pay ealier as they wish.If one has not yet acquired a job after one year of completion , they should report to the HELB offices and notify them.HELB loan repayments may last upto 120 months.

procedure for subsequent  loan applications

1.log in into your HELB account and verify the account.

2.click on the ” subsequent application” link

3.genuinely fill all the forms with accurate information and click “save” to save the information.

4.Go to the homepage and click “print form” to print your form

5.Download two copies of the filled form and have them signed  by the dean of students.

6.Submit to the HELB  offices or the nearest HUDUMA CENTRE.

N.B/ applications for subsequent loans for2020/2021 continuing students was to be done this week through the HELB app and not online as usual due to this pandemic where no requirements of hard copy or a stamp from the school but the service is not yet available .We will notify you once it is accessible



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