There are the stipulated rules and regulations that governs the teaching profession and are punishable by law when broken. However there are some things that teachers should maintain for their own good. some of these if broken  can bring about consequences which include even punishment by law or even interdiction depending on the level committed. They include :

  1. 1.Not invading a student’s privacy

Privacy in this case means keeping whatever information known to you about the student and avoid sharing it to unauthorised persons .Privacy includes not using the information provided for selfish purposes or corrupt ways to attain or to achieve something .

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2.limit to disciplining students 

At some point students may misbehave and necessary discipline needs to be administered to them. Before administering a punished it is good to consider whether it is rightfully or whether it is in the right measure . Some punishments  given are  not considerate and at some point they end up exposing the student to danger .If you feel that a student has misbehaved that much,instead of over punishing them you can opt to report them to them to the relevant authorities ,that is those higher in hierarchy or the discipline master .

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3.Being in control always

Always be on the watch out of what is going on in the world of students inorder to be to act on an emergency. You should be able to solve  a difference if it happens between students in a fair way without sidelining with any of the parties and administer discipline where necessary. Being in control also minimizes chaos and unnecessary disruptions around the school.

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4.Maintain respect for the student.

Respect is two way traffic ,the way you carry yourself around students  determines whether they will respect you. However ,respect can be such a wide term but in this case it means maintaining the expected rapport between you and the student inclusive of the ethics of the profession which may include not having any unhealthy relationships with student as stipulated in the laws of the profession.

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