Deputy headteachers at elementary schools who received promotions without adhering to the Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) risk being demoted.

Deputy headteachers who are serving in an acting capacity but who did not follow the prescribed procedures for their current position are among those who are being targeted.

According to the CPG, a teacher cannot advance through two job groups without serving in each for at least three years before moving on to the next.

A teacher in job group C2, for instance, will advance to job group C3 before moving on to job group C4. Nevertheless, the instructor cannot go straight from C2 to C4.

To serve as deputy headteachers, several teachers received promotion letters from respective TSC County Directors offices.

Some of the teachers, however, did not qualify under CPG because they either belonged to Job group C2 or C1.

Despite the fact that they are acting deputy headteachers, the system prevented them from seeking for confirmation through the recently recalled TSC promotions.

Teachers working in ASAL and hard-to-staff locations, however, face a different set of challenges. A teacher can omit certain job groupings since promotion is contingent on affirmative action in these areas.

The TSC canceled the advertisement for the 14,738 promotion openings as a result of widespread teacher protests, including those organized by the interim administrators.

11,346 spaces in the advertisement went to primary schools, while 3,392 slots went to secondary institutions. The openings resulted through deaths, resignations, or retirements. In addition to teaching, many instructors have been serving in managerial capacities.

Some elementary school teachers, including those in B5 and C1, who were not included in the promotion announcement, claimed that their advancement should be automatic up to job group C2.

They questioned why TSC established positions for senior teachers II and I, designated C2 and C3, respectively.

Omboko Milemba, the chairman of the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet), supported the cancellation and requested that the TSC expand the number of openings.

He continued by saying that many deserving instructors would be excluded.

“People deserving promotion are not the target of the advertisement. These are teachers in C3 and C4 job groups. It is a drop in the ocean,” Milemba said.

Milemba accused the commission of failing to promote teachers, which resulted in their loss of benefits.

He claimed that his office is analyzing data to determine the scope of the issue and the amount that teachers are owed. He estimated that it was greater than Sh1 billion.

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