The Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) says it will upload the Competency Based Assessment (CBA) tools on the KNEC Portal which schools should access and administer starting 31st January.

The assessment tests will cover Grades 3, 4 and 5 and will involve written tests provided by the examiner.

Already the three classes did their practicals and project based assessments last term. Grade 3, 4 and 5 practicals and projects were administered between 29th October and 10th December 2021

Schools were required to administer, score and upload the scores to the Knec portal by 17th December 2021

Though a circular Knec said it will upload Monitoring Learners Progress (MLP) assessment tools for Grades 3 and Foundation level for Special Needs Education (SNE).

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KNEC also said it will upload School based assessment tools for Grades 4, 5 and Intermediate level for Special Needs Education (SNE)

KNEC had ordered schools to use locally available materials in carrying out the practicals so as not to burden parents.

Some parents have also raised complaints that schools are overcharging them for the Knec assessments and practicals

“The materials required for performing the assessment tasks should be obtained from the immediate school environment or improvised as much as is possible,” said Knec CEO David Njengere.

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Schools were expected to download the assessment tools and instructions then administer, score and upload the assessment outcomes on the KNEC portal.

However most schools had problem beating the set deadline for uploading scores due to poor Knec servers that made uploading nearly impossible

Schools will administer the assessments between 31st January and 4th February 2022 and will upload the scores on Knec portal by 21st February 2022

For grade 4 and 5 regular learners will have the following assessment areas administered in theory end of January;

1. Mathematics

2. English

3. Kiswahili

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4. Kenyan Sign Language

5. Science and Technology

6. Agriculture

7. Music

8. Art and Craft

9. Social Studies

10. Christian Religious Education (CRE)

11. Islamic Religious Education (IRE)

12. Hindu Religious Education (HRE)

13) Home Science

14) Physical and Health Education

The assessments will be administered between 31st January and 4th February 2022. Schools will have till 21st February to ensure the assessment scores have been uploaded on Knec portal.

To access the assessment portal, Headteachers are required to login onto the CBA portal: using their school Knec centre code as username and password.

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