The Ministry of Education has shut down the Gremon Education Center in Mombasa County after a student sustained injures while being punished for allegedly eating extra chapatis.

While speaking to the media on Tuesday, February 1, Coast Regional Education Director Adan Hussein stated that the decision was arrived at after they discovered that the institution was not properly registered.

He added that the school would remain closed until the administration fulfilled the requirements stipulated by the ministry.

‘The conclusion of the report is that the primary wing is closed as it is not registered. The secondary wing should also be closed because they do not meet the safety and hygiene standards of the ministry. The school will be closed until they fulfil our requirements,” he revealed.

The decision was made amid reports that the Class 7 pupil sustained injuries to his kidney as a result of the punishment.

According to Agnes Mwangi, the student’s mother, the school reportedly attempted to conceal the incident.

“I went to the principal and I was told that the case was a non-issue and I almost concurred. But I was overwhelmed by the fact that my son cannot even stand unless he is assisted. Is this an incident that can be referred to as a non-issue?

“My son’s back can make you believe that he was burnt. He hands wounds all over,” the mother lamented.

She alleged that the principal ordered the students to beat up her son after they discovered that he picked five chapatis instead of one during dinner. Agnes added that the injuries were life-changing and wondered if her son would recover.

“This boy rested and he was told to meet with them again. When they beat him up, they did not inform me as his parents.

“There is nothing as saddening as taking your child to school alive and being brought back in a heartbreaking state,” Mwangi stated.

According to Dr. Nabil Varwani, the student needed extensive medical attention as his wounds were infected. The doctor added that the victim also sustained injuries on his genitalia and kidney.

On her part, the school director, Nancy Gachewa stated that the investigation would reveal what exactly transpired insisting that the wounds were not inflicted by the teachers.

“There is no teacher who beat up the student. It was the student who turned against him. Since the matter is under investigation, let us wait for the investigations to be completed,” the principal insisted.


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